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We talk cats! Cat stories, cat health, cat grooming and all things cats. Your Hollywood Cats are Holly Meowy (Two and a Half Men, Big Brother, Nip/Tuck) and Cat Daddy, Mark Rollings.

September 8, 2020

Turmeric and the white cat = orange cat. Plus, Holly discusses how to deal with a cat abscess, and our featured cat, Sampson, a jumbo sized Maine Coon!

In Thailand they use turmeric for a variety of reasons.  One such application that didn't work so well, was treatment of a fungal infection.  Her white cat, turned turmeric orange!  Also, Holly took a quick birthday getaway and returned to find her beloved cat, Baby Jesus, with a very large facial abscess.  She tells the story and shares how to deal with this situation.  And, our featured cat, Samson (catstradamus on Instagram). 


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